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"Always stay true to your heart!"

Vamwolf Voderick is the hero and Protagonist in the whole Vamwolf universe. He is the oldest son of Tian and Selene Voderick, older brother of Laura, Vanessa and Johnny Voderick, cousin of Akaru and Hanabi Vode, nephew of Kiba and Katty Vode, grandson of Alexander and Isabella Vode, and father of Jacob Voderick.


Vamwolf takes on an anatomy of that of a Vampire, but with Werewolf attributes in the mix and slightly looks like his mother from his face. He has crimson-colored eyes. Slightly pale skin with a slim but muscular body. Light-brown hair with bangs covering either side of his face. Werewolf-like Ears and tail. Vampire-like fangs that extend through the upper-lip. Has talons/claws. And has a V-shaped birthmark on his forehead that identifies him as the Chosen One by The Dark One.

After much severe and intense training with The Dark One, Vamwolf becomes much taller and more muscular, and also much more handsome and attractive, as stated by Vanessa.


Personality-wise, Vamwolf has the same personality as his father, being calm, cool, stubborn, courageous, optimistic, intelligent, and very protective of friends and family.

Vamwolf usually keeps a calm and serious demeaner, and plainly acts as a vigilant warrior. Vamwolf shows a great degree of compassion and selflessness, as he said that, if people were to be negative, then the world would become negative as well. He is also very honest and sincere, since deception and lies would only cause chaos and misunderstanding. He is also gentle and takes things easy instead of rushing against time, but would act ahead should danger come.

When fighting, Vamwolf keeps a focus and determined state of mind, and never lets up for a second. Much like his father, he plans out strategies and tactics in a heated battle to better his opponents, and goes on without second thoughts. He is mentioned by Amy and Albert that, when he fights at full throttle, he can be very cold, ruthless, and extremely brutal to enemies that are evil and unforgivable. Yet, when it is over, he goes back to his kind and gentle self. Much like his father, he stays optimistic and never gives up hope, making him stubborn and defiant towards villains.

Just like his Werewolf father, he likes roasted & spicy foods, and enjoys ice cream-type desserts.


Vamwolf was born in the colossal castle of the newly formed Voderick Family, at the night of the Full-Moon on exactly 12:00 A.M. January 1st, 1990. This was also the time Nero Milavade was born, but was born a second later.

He and the others of the castle were attacked immediately at midnight, right at the time he was born. Thomas Rayken (a.k.a. GARVANZAL), and his brother William Rayken and the others then went to the room where Vamwolf and his mother, Selene Voderick, were kept in for protection. Thomas and William attempted to kill Selene and her son, but were suddenly blasted by a ray of light that came from Vamewolf's forehead, which took away Thomas and William's right eyes, and left them severely injured. Tian Voderick soon came to save them and used his healing powers to heal Selene when she defended their son from being killed, and even offered her some of his blood so that they can escape from the collapsing castle alive. However, when they nearly reach for the entrance door, Thomas managed to get to them but was fatally injured, due to Vamwolf's birthmark. Thomas' fight with Tian is short-lived and he is brutely taken aback by Tian's mighty Sokotsu technique, which throws the latter to a crumbing main hall.

As they escaped from there, they then go to the city of Artemis to build their new home, and the couple name their son Vamwolf Voderick; a name they both cherish and love.

When Vamwolf was 5-years-old, he was playing by the fountain with his little sisters, while Tian, Selene and Alexander are shopping for grocheries and clothes. While they were playing by the fountain, Laura plays around with Vamwolf's tail, while Vanessa messes with his ears, much to Vamwolf's displeasement. Vamwolf then smells people coming closer, and notices that they are evil. The five people happen to be vampires, who are led by a woman that is Xena Devonka. Xena orders her henchmen to kidnap the twin girls, and ignore the "Lycan Mongrel", Vamwolf. They do as she commands, and she departs, as she says that she's hungry for fresh blood. Vamwolf tries to stop them, but is kicked aside as a result. They kidnap his sisters and head for the forest outside the city, and Vamwolf gets on his feet and chases them. Vamwolf finally gets there, and the henchmen are irretated by his werewolf nature to help his siblings. They place the twins on the ground, and decide to kill Vamwolf from interfering in their work. One of the henchmen gives a hard kick to Vamwolf in the stomach, and Laura and Vanessa can't help but watch their brother get hurt, and plead to the henchmen to stop. It is by this time that Vamwolf somehow changes, and the henchmen think that he's transforming in his full-werewolf state. However, they are mistaken, and Vamwolf transforms into his Pure-Blood Lycan form, and he slashes at them, with blood stream out in an instant. At this time, while searching for the children, Tian, Selene, and Alexander then witness the slaughter that just happened, and see that vampire corpses were both slashed and burned. Tian wonders what had happened, but Alexander finds Laura and Venessa, while Selene looks for Vamwolf. Tian goes to help her find their son, but already found him, but see that he's slightly covered with blood. Selene runs to him to see if he's hurt, but Tian can tell that it's not his blood, but from the vampires that they saw. Selene is then holding her their son, who is silent but scared and crying of what had happened, and Tian believes that he had killed the vampires that were trying to kidnap Laura and Vanessa, but is confused on how he did it. Alexander then shows up with the twins, and says that they should get going soon. When they finally got back home, Vamwolf's parents and grandparents then discuss about the event that nearly took Laura and Vanessa from them. Vamwolf is still troubled by what happened, but Vanessa sits next to him and comforts him by hugging him gently and affectionately. Vamwolf is confused by this but simply feels in peace and just leans his head to sleep.

When Vamwolf is 10 and Selene is taking care of Laura and Vanessa, while 7 months pregnant with Johnny, Tian opens the door and Vamwolf greets his mom hello. However, as Selene directs her attention to Vamwolf's tattoo on his neck, Selene then bursts to him with worry and wonders on what that is on Vamwolf's neck. Vamwolf says that he got it from a Artemis Tattoo Shop, and Selene asks why in confusion. Tian tries to calm her down by saying that it's only for protection or some type of prayer, but Selene breaks down in tears when she comes to thinking that her adorable son has became a "juvenile delinquent", but Vamwolf thought that it would make him look cool. Tian then gets Selene up on her feet and takes her to their room, but not before telling Vamwolf to study hard for school, and soon enough, Luna Academy, and Vamwolf responds by saying "Yes, sir!" with a solute, and the door closes. While Vamwolf goes to his room to study, he notices that Vanessa accidently cut her finger from a glass that just broke. Vamwolf helps her from it, and Vanessa says that it's alright, but asks her brother to lick the blood off. Vamwolf is uncomfortable by this, but Vanessa asks him again with a ridiculously cute and teary-eyed face. Vamwolf is in dismay, and says that he'll do it, but also states that he can't get over his werewolf weakness to cute girls when they request something. Vamwolf licks away the blood and tells Vanessa to be careful next time. Vanessa just smiles to him, and Laura comments with a sigh that Vamwolf can be a sucker for anything that involves anything cute.


The Philosopher's Stone ArcEdit

At the start of the story, Vamwolf wakes up from his bed and dresses up in a hurry. After that, he ran to get breakfast and hurried to Luna Academy. By the timke he got to the train at Platform 619 he met Albert Braken, the son of Alfred Braken the heasdmaster of Luna Academy, and the two became friends from that point. When they got onto the train, Albert asked Vamwolf if he really is the son of Tian and Selene, and Vamwolf replied that he is. Vamwolf even showed him is birthmark, which Albert confirms that he has been chosen by The Dark One for reasons yet to be known. An elf lady then came along the train rooms and wondered if any of the children wanted to buy anything from the trolley, Vamwolf, seeing that he has enough for him and Albert, bought most of the treats and the two enjoyed it along the way. A pink-haired girl then came along the room and wondered if Vamwolf really is who he says he is, and Vamwolf looked confused by the question with a twitch of his left ear. Albert then asked the girl who she is, and she replied Amy Elvin, the daughter of Marcus Elvin, the famous alchemist. Albert choked by her introduction and snickered that he never heard that Marcus had a daughter. Amy, taken by offense, whacked Albert in the head, and Vamwolf gulped in slight terror of her temper. Vamwolf tries to eat his treats, but is interrupted when Amy shoves Albert to take a look at Vamwolf's birthmark. Vamwolf gets nervous, and Amy confirms that he is chosen by The Dark One. Vamwolf puts her hand away and asked her if she came to only know if he's what people call him to be. Amy assured him that she came to talk to him on other subjects. Few minutes after that, Amy asked Vamwolf if he knows about how things are going in their world. Albert sips his drink, and Vamwolf replied that he doesn't know what's happening at this time. Amy informed him that a faction of vampires seem to be working on a goal to search something of high value. Albert then realized what she was referring to, and stated that they are led by a vampire woman named Xena Devonka. Vamwolf is unfamiliar to the name, and asked why they happen to be on a hunt for some unknown item. Amy said that they don't know yet, but the investigation is ongoing. Just at that time, the train had finally arrived at Luna Academy, and Vamwolf told Amy and Albert to get their stuff, which the two complied without continuing their arguement.

Upon arriving at the gates, Vamwolf gave Amy some treats from the train, seeing that he forgot to give her some before getting off. Amy thanked him, and Albert thinks that the two of them are looking like a couple. Before Amy could correct him that their just friends, Vamwolf hears a familiar voice calling to him, and it is shown to be his youngest sister, Vanessa, hugging him affectionately from behind. Laura, the oldest twin of Vanessa, told her to be more mature, yet Tian and Selene, Vamwolf's parents, told her that it's fine. Before Vamwolf could speak to his parents and siblings, he notices that Amy and Albert are strucked speechless of their arrival in the academy. Tian then recognized Amy and told her that it was good to finally meet Marcus's daughter in person, and also to Albert. Amy is stunned for words, but notices that someone is holding her leg. Amy then sees Vamwolf's younger brother, Johnny Voderick, and he asks her if she's his brother's girlfriend. Amy objects, and Vamwolf told her that Johnny was only teasing her. Johnny then said that he was teasing her, but can clearly see that she doesn't look like a proper girlfriend material. Taken by surprise and annoyance by this, and realizing that Johnny was acting like a innocent little boy, questioned the little Lycan on what makes him think that way. Johnny took out a big book and told her that her temper and feisty side could tragically end any relationship in minutes, and that would be a sad thing. Vamwolf's brother kept talking about the subject, and Amy lost count of his speeches, but Albert was amused that Vamwolf's little brother was a very smart kid.

Vamwolf VS Garvanzal (Round 1)Edit

When Vamwolf sees Amy die, he feels a painfully horrible scar on his heart and breaks into tears while holding on to her in emotional pain. Seeing this, Garvanzal asks Vamwolf if this is the first time he's ever seen a comrade die in battle, and possibly feel a sense of sadness of pain. He tells him in a cold logical manner that this is what it means to be a king. For a king needs those who serve him to die for him, and never question why. Xena Devonka then laughs sinisterly, and says that that is what Vamwolf gets for trying to live a life that was not meant for him, but assures him that he'll join those he foolishly cares soon enough, as she extends her fingernails to prepare to kill Vamwolf. However, from that moment, Vamwolf's body begins to beat like a heart and resonates of crimson burning aura from each heartbeat that sends strong shockwaves. Garvanzal and Xena notices this, and is speechless. Vamwolf, in anger, tells them to shut up, and he gets up, while another aura shows up but stronger. Garvanzal notices that the skies are being covered by storm clouds with sounds of thunderclaps, and everyone witnesses this as well with worry and concern. Vamwolf tells Garvanzal that he'll never forgive them, not ever, and his body now glows of fierce burning crimson aura that breaks the ground on Vamwolf's area as he roars ferociously. Garvanzal and Xena are shocked of seeing this, and can barely stand from the suddenly powerful pressure, and questions on what's happening. Vamwolf is then seen in a column of crimson burning energy, and it shows The Dark One's face at the top. Vamwolf's body begins to transform into what looks like hs Pure-Werewolf form, but different: his claws are slightly extended and more razor-sharp, his hair lengthens and it gets messy, his fangs extend over his lower lips, he gets much more muscular, his height is slightly higher by inchs, and he has large red and black bat-like wings growing from his back. Vamwolf now angerly tightens his left hand grip, and yells out to Garvanzal and Xena in rage and sorrow that "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!!!", as tears are shown on his face when he turns his head to Garvanzal and Xena.

Castle of Rayken ArcEdit

Vamwolf finally goes to the chamber and finds Mia on the wet floor at the end of the chamber. He asks Mia to wake up, but to no avail. A young man then shows up, revealing to be known other than Thomas Rayken, who still looks the same as he was in the diary's memory, telling Vamwolf that she won't wake. Vamwolf asks Thomas on what he means she won't wake. Just as he wonders if she's dead, Thomas tells him that she's still alive but only just, as Tom walks toward Vamwolf with a strange sharp focused look on Vamwolf. Vamwolf then asks him if he's a ghost, but Thomas says that he's a memory that has been preserved in a diary for more than thirty years. Vamwolf turns his attention to Mia and notices by her hand that she's cold as ice. As Vamwolf tries to wake up Mia, Thomas then quitely picks up Vamwolf's sword while Vamwolf asks Thomas for help since there's a Maledict on the loose. But as Thomas tells Vamwolf that it won't come until it's called, Vamwolf sees him holding his sword. Vamwolf asks him to give it back, but Thomas says that he won't be needing it. Vamwolf urgingly tells Thomas that there isn't much time and that they have to save Mia. But thomas says to Vamwolf that he can't do that, for as he says "As poor Mia grows weaker, I grow stronger", leaving Vamwolf shocked and confused. Thomas tells Vamwolf that it was Mia who opened the Gate to Hell from Earth's gateway. Vamwolf couldn't believe this, but Thomas continues to say that it was Mia he let the Maledict loose on the Luna Academy students, and made the threatening messages on the walls of the Academy. Vamwolf asks why she would do such a thing, and Thomas reveals that she did it because he himself told her to do it, and he fines himself to be very persuasive. But Mia didn't know what she was doing, so she was in a kind of trance. But eventually, she gets scared of the diary's power, and tried to dispose of it in the Girl's Bathroom, but soon after, Vamwolf then found it, and Thomas clarifies that Vamwolf was the very person that he was most anxious to meet. Vamwolf asks him, while keeping his anger in check, why he wanted to meet him, and Thomas says that he knew he had to talk to him, and meet him if he could, so he decided to show him of his capture of "that brainless cow" Krato Minokin, to gain his trust. Vamwolf yells at Thomas that Krato is his friend, just like Haru, and even begins to believe that Thomas had framed him. Thomas says that it was his word against Krato, and that only Tian and his friends believed that he was innocent, and Vamwolf smirks by saying that Tian had saw right through Thomas. Thomas says that Tian had certainly kept an annoyingly close watch on Thomas after that, and that he realized that he couldn't open the Chamber again since he was at the Luna Academy, so he decided to leave behind a diary. Perserving his 20-year-old self in it's pages so that one day, he would begin another to finish the First Child "Blessing Purpose". Vamwolf tells him that he hasn't finished it this time, and that in a few hours, the Anti-Petrified Potion will be ready. And everyone who was petrified will be alright again. Thomas smirks and says to Vamwolf if he had already told him that killing hideous creatures doesn't matter to him, not anymore. For nearly 2 months now, his real target, was Vamwolf Vodeirck himself. Vamwolf looks confused by this and Thomas continues saying on how is it that a child, born between two different species of parents, and no control over his own magical power, was able to defeat the "Great Savior" of all time. He even asks Vamwolf on how did he escape, with nothng but his parents and an unusual birthmark, while Lord Garvanzal's powers were greatly destroyed. Vamwolf asks him why he cares on how he escaped, and that Garvanzal was after Thomas's time. Thomas gives a senial grin and says "Garvanzal IS my past, present, and furure." He then pulls out a wond and spells his name in an anagram, remolding them, and makes a sentence that says "I AM LORD GARVANZAL."

Shocked of what he saw, Vamwolf then says that he, Thomas Rayken, is the Heir of Evil, the Reincarnation of First Child, and that he is Garvanzal himself. Thomas then says that surely Vamwolf didn't think that he was going to keep his "filthy" worthless human name, and says that he fashioned himself a new name, a name he knew that everyone on Earth would soon admire while everyone in Our World would soon fear to speak it, when he had become the "Greatest Savior of the World". Vamwolf gets angry and says that his father, Tian Vode Voderick, is the "Greatest Savior of the World", but Thomas says that Tian was put out of Luna Academy by the mere memory of him [Thomas]. But Vamwolf tells him that Tian will never be gone, not as long as those who remain on his side are loyal to him, and not as long as he still has his family by his side. By this time, the Phoenix Bird foakes comes to Vamwolf's aid and gives him the Sorting Hat as it leaves. Thomas gives a cold and mocking speech that this is what Tian sends his great and loving son: A little bird, and an old hat. Thomas asks Vamwolf, as he walks towards the head statue of First Child, again on how he survived on that night, when only his mother was there, and his father was hurrying to them. Vamwolf answers that he doesn't know either, but was told by his father that The Dark One protected him and his mother from being killed, when a sudden flash of light strucked the room. Vamwolf even wonders why that happened, but comes to believing that it was because of his birthmark, which resembles the mark The Dark One has too. Thomas now seems to be satisfied from hearing this and says that indeed, The Dark One is capable of providing a powerful counter spell that negates attacks, and reflects them back at the attacker. Thomas now believes that it was because of The Dark One that he lost his powers, and lost a right eye on that night. He now clarifies that there's nothing special about Vamwolf after all. For he's just a Werewolf/Vampire Lycan child, who was lucky to be born. But Thomas even comes to seeing that he and Vamwolf are somehow similiar to each other, for they are both Satinavs, they have goals to become rulers, and that they both are possibly the reincarnations of First Child, but wants to put that to the test. Thomas now says that everything that happened was only because of The Dark One, and never because of Vamwolf's rare case, and finally says that that was all he needed to know. Thomas now looks to the statue of First Child and says in Satinav language to summon the Maledict. As the enormous mouth of the statue opens, Thomas tells a frightened Vamwolf "Let's match the power of Lord Garvanzal, Reincarnation of First Child against the famous Vamwolf Voderick." The Maledict finally appears out of the hellish portal of First Child's mouth, and makes a terrifying presence in the chamber.

Seeing the Maledict fall in defeat, Thomas gives a short moment of shock and anger, and turns his attention to Vamwolf. As Vamwolf goes to Mia's sleeping cold body, he starts to lose focus and falls to his knees. Thomas looks at Vamwolf and comments that it's remarkable to see that a Maledict's Demonic Venom quickly penetrates the body. Even within a Werewolf and a Vampire Lycan half-breed. He then clarifies that Vamwolf will have less than a minute to live, and tells him that he'll be joining with his creator, The Dark One, soon enough. Vamwolf turns his attention from Thomas and now looks to Mia, while holding her hand, and giving a single tear. Thomas justs looks on with a cold and cynical look, and says that it's funny on how a silly little book can do to a person. Especially in the hands of a silly little girl, refering to Mia. Vamwolf now grabs the diary and opens it. Thomas asks him on what he's doing, and Vamwolf grabs the fang of the Maledict. Thomas tells him not to damage it, but Vamwolf stabs it with the fang. As this happens, Thomas' body begins to flash from a hole in his chest, while the diary is bleeding black blood. Thomas tries to attack Vamwolf in response to this, but Vamwolf stabs the other side with the fang, and Thomas' face begins to deteriorate in light. As Thomas covers his face in intense pain, Vamwolf now closes the book and turns it to its cover, and with one last look to Thomas, finally stabs the book with full strike, and Thomas's body now shatters and explodes into magical particles, and Vamwolf looks down with some relief.

However, even with Thomas seemingly gone, Mia still doesn't wake up from the diary's power. Vamwolf senses a power coming from the Maledict's corpse, and sees that Thomas has little power left to remain. With nothing left to do, Thomas now resorts to using the Maledict's power and blood to re-energize his body and power. With it restored, Thomas says that he liked the idea that Vamwolf would've died by the venom, but is satisfied to prefer it this way, so he can fight Vamwolf to the death. Vamwolf now takes back his sword from the ground, and Thomas now brings out his own sword and both combatants prepare to battle.

With everything done and saving Mia from death, Vamwolf takes Mia out for a walk in the Artemis Shopping Area. During this time, Vamwolf turns to Mia and wonders if he can ask her something. Mia says he can, and Vamwolf blushes and asks her if he can kiss her. Mia giggles and says that she let him drink her blood, so sure, Vamwolf can kiss her. And in a few seconds, they kiss very passionate and a light shine on them from the great fountain, as its waters sparkle with a heart-shaped love. Albert is then seen getting a smoothy and as he turns around, he spews out and sees Vamwolf and Mia kissing. Witnessing this, Albert makes a mocking laugh and pulls out his Cell Phone to call Amy. For as he says "Amy is SO gonna kill him!", and Vamwolf and Mia are still kissing even longer.

Dracula's Rebirth ArcEdit

Vamwolf VS WilliamEdit

Seeing Vamwolf on the ground all battered and injured, Amari asks him why does he still continue. Vamwolf then struggles to get up, and Amari asks him in concern on what he is doing. Vamwolf finally gets back up on his feet and says to Amari "Alright...Lady...", and William is angered to see that he's still hadn't had enough. Vamwolf then makes a hand-sign, and tells Amari "It's time to pay up on our bet. That cursed necklace of yours is about to be mine!", and Amari looks on in shock and great concern. Vamwolf then uses Shadow Clone Jutsu to summon a single clone, and Amari says in her head in worryment of Vamwolf that shadow clones can't help him here. Amari then pleads to Vamwolf that that's enough, and that he doesn't have to protect her, and for him to stop already, but Vamwolf stand guard. William now pulls out his sword and tells Vamwolf that he warned him not to be stubborn, and says that now he dies, as he runs to him with his sword ready. William yells to Vamwolf that he just thrown it all away, and that dreams won't come true if you're dead. Amari pleads to Vamwolf to get out of the way, and to look out. However, as William's sword is about to strike, Vamwolf says not to worry about him, and shreds of blood are shown in the air. As Amari looks on, Vamwolf has just stopped William's sword by grabbing it tight, but still bleeding from it's blade. As his bloody hand grabs William's, Vamwolf, after a moment of silence, and William and Amari look in speechlessness, he finally says "Until I become the King of Our World I dream to be, I don't care what it takes, I AM NOT GOING TO DIE!!!", and Amari is surprised and speechless. Vamwolf's body then begins to overflow with vast magical energies of burning crimson that sends shockwaves within miles, as the clouds cover the skies, and Dracula, Amari, and Krato sense this, and William then shocked of the magnitude of his power that he can't move, thinking that Vamwolf will use his Pure-Lycan form. However, Vamwolf then tells him "Okay, let's see you dodge me this time. Here goes!!". Vamwolf now readys his his clone and prepares his Rasengan technique to finish William, while it concentrates his vast magical energies and charkras of his Pure-Lycan form into the Rasengan. The clone then generates all of the chakra into Vamwolf's hand, and William says that he's channeling the chakra again like before, but realizes that this is different. Amari then clarifies that he had the clone to gather up his chakra to do it, and that it's ingenius. As the chakra is finally maintained within his hand and it's power has been contained in it, Vamwolf then lunges it to William, who gasps in shock while Amari says out the impossible, and Vamwolf declares his move "Rasengan!!!" on William's chest. As the massively powerful Rasengan starts to cause heavy impact, William is shocked of what's happening, and with a painly groan, he lands a strike on Vamwolf's heart area, and Vamwolf roars out as he releases the Rasengan on William, and it sends him to a rocky stone, causing a great impact on the stone. As the smoke fades, William is seen greatly injured by the attack, with his armor and clothing teared up and terrible, and Vamwolf gives a smirk from this while out of breath, and Amari is speechless.

While Krato and Dracula are fighting, they stop and Krato notices that Vamwolf finally mastered the Rasengan, much to his pleasement. While Dracula is surprised to see that a Lycan Child like Vamwolf was able to master a jutsu like that, and that it's unheard of. Amari is surprised and speechless from Vamwolf mastering the Rasengan in only a week. Vamwolf notices that William is still standing from the attack, and when Amari looks to Vamwolf still, Vamwolf then coughs blood, and William gives a sinister grin from seeing this. Vamwolf collapses, and Amari goes to him with worry and concern. William stands up and Amari asks him on how can he still stand from that. William reveals that he focused his magic and chakra from the point of impact, and that before he hit him, he started healing himself. He even goes to saying that the other reason why Dracula and Thomas values him so highly, is because he has very skilled regenerative healing powers, rather than just swordsmanship and magic. He even states that, no matter how bad the damage, he can repair and re-energize any damaged cells. However, William also says in his head that there's a limit to this power, and that he's almost out of energy. William slowly walks to Amari from the long distance and tells her that Vamwolf doesn't seem to have that gift, and so he is finished. However, after a moment, as he slowly walks towards Amari from a long distance, William coughs up a great amount of blood from his body and begins to feel numb and shaky. He is greatly shocked of this, and his armor cracks to nearly shattering, and finally falls to the ground. He thinks to himself that this can't be, and that even with his healing powers, the damage from the Rasengan was far too great, even for him. And now, he hasn't any energy left to heal himself, much to his frustration.

Vamwolf begins to grip his hand, and Amari sees if he's alright. She checks his heart's condition, and immediately realizes that his heart is failing. He opens his jacket, and tranfers her charka in her fingers. She begins to cut his shirt, but is still shaking from her fear of blood. She tries to get a grip, and now tries to save Vamwolf's life. William, while still conscious, makes a weak chuckle and tells Amari that she's wasting her time and that it's all over for Vamwolf. As Amari still tries to heal Vamwolf, William reveal to her that with his last strength, he severed Vamwolf's heart's chakra and magical network. And that by doing so, he cut him off from getting any help from the demon, The Dark One himself. And that Vamwolf doesn't have the required power to save himself. Amari still helps Vamwolf, and William tells her again that he's finished, dead, and that all her skills are useless now. But Amari yells to William to shut up, because he'll [William] will be dead soon, as she'll see to that, and William just looks on expressionless. Within a moment, Amari then gasps that Vamwolf has now stopped breathing. Seeing this, she remembers her two best friends dying, and begins to plead no, as Vamwolf seems to be dying. As it closes in to Vamwolf's birthmark, The Dark One then realizes that everything is getting cold and small. He feels that the life is fading from him, and that hs strength is fading, and wonders why in a weakened voice. However, at that moment, a tear drop land on him, and he is confused of what this is. Back in reality, Amari begins to cry and feel sad of Vamwolf's dying condition. She weakenly pleads in her mind for him not to die. And at a surprised look, Vamwolf's hand strugglingly reaches for Amari's necklace and holds it on firmly. As Amari looks speechless, Vamwolf then smiles and tells her to not forget about their bet. The wind then blows, and Vamwolf says to her that he told her that he'd win, and he closes his eyes to sleep. He then lets go of the necklace, and Amari grabs his hand softly. William is then shocked to see this and says "He's...still alive?!", and Vamwolf just smiles unconsciously. Amari then smiles after a moment and says "To be the King of Our World. That's still your dream Vamwolf, isn't it?" and she completely heals his hand. She then looks back to her memories of her friends, and says "One more time. For the last time." and she removes her necklace and gives it to Vamwolf, while finally saying "I want those words to be true." and she places him back on the ground to sleep, and gives a heartfelt smile and tears, and a single tear then lands on the necklace.

The Progenitor BattleEdit

When Krato and Dracula are standing still from their fighting, Dracula looks to where Vamwolf and Amari are, and comments that Vamwolf might not be able to make it alive. But Krato reminds him that he's forgeting about Amari's healing powers. He tells him not to worry about him, since Amari will get Vamwolf back up on his feet in no time. Dracula says that that might be so, but that wasn't what he meant at first. Krato is confused for a second, but tells Dracula to forget about Vamwolf at the moment, because he should focus on him. As he's the one he currently has to worry about. Dracula turns back to Vamwolf and thinks to himself that there is more to the Lycan Child then meets the eye. He comments that there's no telling what might happen if the Great Lords get their hands on him. But if he were to die, right now, and Dracula falls and dashes to where Vamwolf is. Krato tries to stop him, but Dracula dispatches him by having an extended bat appendage from his back to grab Krato, and hurl him to the ground, crashing. Dracula now redirects his attention to Vamwolf and prepares to kill him with a hell sword from his mouth, while heading towards them in high-speeds. Amari immediately knows that he's after Vamwolf, and at a sheer instant, Amari is pierced by Dracula in the chest, as she tries to protect Vamwolf from being killed. Dracula is shocked from this, while Krato abd Vikki and still unconscience. Amari is still pierced by Dracula's sword and begins to groan from the pain. Dracula now gets back and stand, while Amari is still in pain, and Dracula puts his sword away in his body. Dracula expresses to Amari with surprise and confusion that she is the one person that he wouldn't want to kill. He tells her to listen to him, for if Vamwolf is allowed to live, then it would mean the end of them all, and orders her to stay out of his way. But Amari, still inflicted by the damage, tells him to listen. She takes a grip to continue to speak and says that, if she does nothing else, she will protect Vamwolf. Dracula chuckles and asks her on how can she do that, and tells her to look at herself, as her body shaking like a leaf in the wind. He asks her on why would her, one of the Progenitors, would risk her life for a lowly Lycan. Amari coughs more blood, but looks to Dracula and answers him that, by saving him, she's saving her home; the city of Artemis and Our World. Dracula is taken by this and frowns. He asks her on if she really believes that she's protecting Our World by risking her life for Vamwolf. Amari then looks to Vamwolf's sleeping body, and gives a weak smile of assurance. She replies that, this young Lycan, who's will and strength of heart, has been chosen by The Dark One to become the King of Our World someday. Dracula merely laughs and states that it's nonsense, and comments that, even if it is true, then what of it, and Amari looks to him. Dracula finishes with, "Who cares about the King of Our World! Only a fool would want that title.", and Amari is reminded of her words from before. However, remembering what Krato, Vikki, and even what Vamwolf said to her for those who risked their lives for Our World, and how it remained in peace for all these millenia. After remembering all that, Amari then keeps a firm and defiant grip and decalres that, from now on, she's gambling everything, too. And that she'll bet her life on Vamwolf, too. Dracula takes this with great surprise, but goes back to his usually cynical self that, if she's willing to throw her life away, for the sake of one miserable Lycan, then he'll be happy to accommodate her.

Aftermath of the ChapterEdit

Vamwolf & Yuki 001

Vamwolf drinks Yuki's blood to fend off the internal pain.

With the defeat of Dracula, Vamwolf finally escapes Hell by tunning to the Hell Gate, and enters back to his home in his room. Yuki sees him all hurt and injured, and runs to help him when she gets off his bed. Yuki worries over Vamwolf's condition, but Vamwolf is more concerned about her than himself. He asks her if she's alright, and she says yes with tears running down her face from deep concern. Vamwolf is relieved by this, and says that that's good, but he then feel intense pain from his body's insides. Seeing that he needs to feed on blood to survive, Yuki then loosen her dress by the neck area. Vamwolf looks to her in confusement and asks what she's doing. Yuki tells him that she sees that he's terribly hurt from withinhurt, and she is willing to give him some of her blood to help him recover. Vamwolf is disturbed by this, and tells her that she doesn't have to do this for him, and to just bring Blood Tablets to help instead. However, Vamwolf begins to suffer even further from internal pain from within his body, and he is about to die within minutes. Yuki begins to worry about him even more, and pleads to Vamwolf to do this, or he'll die from the pain. Vamwolf hesitates, but knowing that there isn't any other way, he agrees to drink her blood, for she can't stand to see him suffer and die. He now drinks gently from her neck, while breaking down in tears, and manages to not make a big blood mess on her neck area. After drinking enough, Vamwolf is now fully recovered and thanks Yuki while hugging her affectionately. Yuki is glad to see that he's fine now, and hopes that he'll stay alive for everyone. She then kisses him on the lips, while still crying in joy, and Vamwolf is stunned for a moment, but kisses back in turn while holding her gently.

The Royal Championship ArcEdit

As Vamwolf and Hatsuharu have touched the Trophy of Glory, they are suddenly transfered to a graveyard. Vamwolf gets up and asks Hatsuharu is he's fine, and Haru says yes. As Vamwolf looks around the area, Hatsuharu comes to believing that the trophy is a Port Key. Vamwolf now says that he remembers the graveyard, and that it is called the "Graveyard of the Departed". He sees a gravestone that says "Here lies Garvanzal. The First Child.", and at that moment, Vamwolf sees a man carrying something in his arms. As Vamwolf looks harder, his birthmark starts to hurt immensely, and Hatsuharu goes to him. As Vamwolf looks to the man but still in pain, the thing he's carrying looks like a disfigured creature with one eye and a small body that looks like charcoal. The man walks towards them and Hatsuharu gets ready to fight. Vamwolf pleads to Hatsuharu to run, but the creature tells the man to "Kill the spare", meaning Hatsuharu. The man pulls out his sword and casts the Death Spell on Hatsuharu. The green light pushes Haru away and left on the ground, instantly killed. Vamwolf tries to get up, but the man uses his magic to put Vamwolf to a Grim Reaper statue, and holding him tightly. The man takes off his hood, and is revealed to be none other than William Rayken. The man who Vamwolf fought not so long ago. The creature tells William to get on with the ritual, and William goes to the now appearing cauldron.

William now dumps the creature into the cauldron, and uses his magic sword to pull a piece of bone from the gravestone of the First Child. He chants the words "Bone of a past life, unknowingly given. You shall rebirth into a new." and sends the bone into the cauldron. William now pulls out his hand and says "Flesh of the relative, willing sacrificed. You shall bring back your bloodkin." and William ends up slicing off his hand into the cauldron, while ignoring the pain. William now turns to Vamwolf and says "Blood of the enemy, forcefully taken." and he gets his sword and cuts Vamwolf's arm while taking small amounts of his blood to the sword and says "You shall resurrect your nemesis." With all it done, William now takes the bloodied sword to the cauldron to pour the blood inside and finally says "The great lord and divine savior, shall rise again!" William now backs away from the cauldron as it boils and massive power and energies start to mix inside. The cauldron now explodes from the fusion of the requirements, and the creature from inside it starts to grow and transform. Vamwolf's pain from his birthmark starts to grow even worse as the creature continues to evolve. As the creature begins to further evolve, it now begins to shape itself into that of a human, along with red and black clothing starting to materialize with it. With its form now complete, it appears as a 53-year-old man wearing a red and black attire. A long crimson cape. Withered brown hair with a mustache and small beard. Green eyes. And wearing a right eyepatch. It was none other than Thomas Rayken, aka, Garvanzal himself.

With his old body now back to the way it originally was, Thomas now asks his brother, William, to give him his sword back. William does so and Thomas asks him to pull out his arm. William was thinking that his brother was going to restore his hand, but Thomas said for his left arm. Thomas uses the Mark of Earth on William left arm to call out his followers from Earth World and Our World. His followers now appear, and are wearing long coats with masks. Thomas expresses his lovely reunion with them, but also expresses his disappointment with them. Since they never tried to find him. He angerly pulls off their masks and are revealed to be Arthur, Henry, Lancelot, Caeser, Samuel, and Vincent Krum himself. Vincent tells Thomas that if he had sensed a single sign of his presence, he would've found him. But Thomas corrects him that there were signs everywhere in both Earth World and Our World. Vincent then finishes that he has never forgotten the old ways of their operation and went through the lands of Our World in secrecy, for it was his true mask. William then steps in and says that he found Thomas and returned to the circle. And Thomas goes to him and expresses his gratitude for his brother's help, and out of loyalty, restores his hand back to the way it was. With the talk done, Garvanzal walks toward Hatsuharu's body and seem disappointed for the death of, as he says, a handsome boy, as he moves his face with his boot. Vamwolf lashes at him to not touch him. Thomas turns his attention to Vamwolf and comments to him that it's been some time since he saw his face. He even tells Vamwolf that he is almost as famous as him, as he was called "The Werewolf & Vampire Lycan Child Who Lived" but Garvanzal saids straight to Vamwolf's face that those were lies that have fed his legend. He continues on telling about what really happened on that night 18 years ago, and on how he truly lost all his strength, excluding William. Vamwolf tries to get loose, and Thomas says that the reason he and his family survived was because of Love, not just from The Dark One from Vamwolf's birthmark. He reveals that when Vamwolf's vampire mother tried to protect him from harm, and when Tian tried to rescue them from the castle, they unknowingly provided Vamwolf with the ultimate protection from the past incident. As Thomas is busy telling the details to Vamwolf from the start, Hatsuharu opens his eyes and is shown to still be alive and tries to stand up quietly. During the talk, Thomas says couldn't kill either Vamwolf, Selene, or Tian, for it was an old power from The Dark One's Love. And that it was something that he should've foreseen and known about. But he says that it doesn't matter anymore, for things have change. Thomas gets close to Vamwolf's birthmark and says that he can kill him now. But as he tries to grab Vamwolf's throat, Hatsuharu uses his Earth Spire to get Thomas away from Vamwolf, and William gets shakened by this and drops Vamwolf's sword. Haru then frees Vamwolf from the Grim Reaper statue and gives Vamwolf his sword from William's grasp.

Vamwolf VS Garvanzal (Round 3)Edit

Hatsuharu gets ready to fight, and Vamwolf gets prepared to do the same. Hatsuharu says that he'll take care of the goons, while Vamwolf can take on Garvanzal himself. Before Vamwolf can asks how Haru survived, he just goes to fighting William, Vincent, Dracula and the others. Vamwolf now goes after Garvanzal and they now clash for battle. Thomas expresses his satisfactory that he can fight Vamwolf with his newly regained body, but admits that he wanted to kill him when he was restrained by the Grim Reaper Statue. Thomas even wonders on how his dear friend, Hatsuharu, survived that Death Spell that was inflicted on him by William. But he just drops the subject and now goes onto the battle at hand. Vamwolf goes on even grounds against Thomas, even though Thomas has gained back his body and power. They continue to throw their attacks at one another, and Vamwolf ends up with several cuts, while Thomas remains unharmed. Vamwolf then runs behind a gravestone while Garvanzal shoots at him with a wave of energy. Thomas tries to aggravate Vamwolf into fighting him like a man, and not run away like a coward. He wants him to look at him when kills him, and yells out to him to fight him, here and now. Vamwolf, now deciding to end the fight, walks away from the gravestone, and stands at a distance from Garvanzal. Both Vamwolf gives him a glare, while Garvanzal just looks satisfied. Vamwolf says to him to have it his way, and at a simultaneous moment, Vamwolf unleashes his Moon Fang attack on Garvanzal, and Garvanzal, in turn, unleashes his Ragnarok Strike on Vamwolf. Thus the two attacks cause much destruction within their distances, and everything crumbles and shatters. As their attacks charge at eachother, they clash and are in a power struggle. As the power struggle continues, Vamwolf tries to hold on, while Thomas keeps it up with a sinisterly evil face. In desperation, Vamwolf uses a small amount his blood to boost his power, and the power struggle ends in Vamwolf's favor; As his Moon Fang breaks through Thomas' Ragnarok Strike and unleashes its power on him, critically injurying him.

Back to the previous fight, Thomas expresses his surprise with Vamwolf, never thinking that he would lose to a mere child. Let alone a Lycan of all things. Vamwolf comes to the conclusion that Garvanzal isn't a full strength yet, as he was suppose to be stronger than this. Garvanzal admits this, and says that he is only slightly stronger than his younger self that Vamwolf fought when he tried to save Mia, back from the Chamber of Rayken. But says that he'll be at full strength soon enough, for he has no intention of losing here. As he gets up his sword, Garvanzal says that he won't let Vamwolf leaves this place alive, nor will his friend. And tells him that he'll go back to Earth to recooperate, along with enough strength from Angelo's blood. Vamwolf is confused and questions Garvanzal of what he means by Angelo's blood. However, Thomas uses another Ragnarok Strike on Vamwolf to kill him when he was distracted, but was neutralized by Vamwolf's Moon Fang. Hatsuharu is then shown running to Vamwolf after defeating both William and Vincent, and grabs the trophy to have him and Vamwolf to get out of there. Vamwolf then uses his Fire and Ice elemental magic to power up his Moon Fang, and uses it to attack Garvanzal and the rest in order to distract them. With Garvanzal and the others distracted, Vamwolf quickly runs to Hatsuharu, who's holding on to the Port Key trophy. Garvanzal tries to fire his Ragnarok Strike on them, but before it hits them, Vamwolf and Hatsuharu have now been instantly teleported from the graveyard. Garvanzal and the others witness their escape and Thomas walks to their previous location and yells out in anger for not being able to kill them.

As Vamwolf and Hatsuharu are finally back to the starting point of the Royal Labyrinth, everyone cheers and Vamwolf helps Hatsuharu to stand up. Annabeth runs to Hatsuharu and hugs him for coming back, even if it did ended in a tie, and kisses him. Albert and Amy go to Vamwolf and wonder if he's alright, and Vamwolf says yes. Vamwolf now asks on how Haru survived the Death Spell that William used on him. Hatsuharu revealed that he was saved by the Rick Amulet that Vamwolf dropped from the Labyrinth. Haru then gives it back to Vamwolf and thanks him for it's protection, and Vamwolf says no problem with a smile. With that taken care of, Vamwolf asks Albert and Amy on where Angelo might be, but they have no idea. Haru's parents go to congratulate their son on making it back on a tie, and Vamwolf's family is said to come within an hour. Yuki and Mia show up and congratulate Vamwolf for the Championship, and they hug him tightly, with Amy somewhat angry and Albert tries to keeps calm. However, as the enormous crowd keeps cheering, Vamwolf sees Angelo at a distantce. Angelo turns away and runs. Vamwolf tells Mia and Yuki that he has to go and he now chases after Angelo while Haru, Albert and amy wonder where he headed. Vamwolf sees Angelo running faster, but before he can catch up, hordes of demons from hell of Earth World are summoned by Angelo.

Vamwolf VS Angelo (Round 3)Edit

After passing through the hordes of Hell Demons, Vamwolf finally catches up to Angelo at the Valley of No Return. Vamwolf catches his breath and yells out at Angelo. Angelo turns and says in a cold manner "How's it goin', idiot?". Vamwolf asks Angelo why and how could it come to this, as he doesn't understand. However, Angelo answers that he has his own way. And that no one has the right to tell him which path he should be on. Vamwolf reacts to this, but says nothing from this. Angelo finally says that he's going to Garvanzal. But Vamwolf says that THAT psycho, Garvanzal, only wants Angelo as a blood sacrifice, and he asks him if he knows that. For he won't ever come back, and if he thinks that he's [Vamwolf] is just going to just stand by and let Angelo go to him. But Angelo says that it doesn't matter to him, for he only cares about his own goals. Vamwolf nows says that he can't let him do that, for he will bring him back by force if he has to.

After the fight, both Vamwolf and Angelo are out of breath and can barely still stand. Vamwolf says that Angelo was totally serious just then and calls him a rat. And Angelo says that he's dead serious, for he intends to bury him. Vamwolf asks what is wrong with him, and if he even thinks of him as a friend anymore. He knows that he and Angelo have never said anything before, but had always thought of themselves as friends. Angelo, however, only sinisterly chuckles from this. Vamwolf now realizes that it was only himself that thought that way. And if that's the truth, then he's just a blind fool, while saying Angelo's name. Angelo remains silent and with no expression. Now, Vamwolf says that even so, and as Angelo senses a massive earthquake coming within the area, Vamwolf says that even so, there is no way that he'll just give up Angelo to someone like Garvanzal, as his body is causing a fissure to sends earth quakes miles away. Vamwolf's body now glows with a fiery aura and Angelo tries to stand guard. He sees the skies burning with black and red clouds and stars. Angelo looks to Vamwolf in shock and terror, and wonders if it's Vamwolf's power, and what is with this pressure. And a massive image of The Dark One appears above Vamwolf, and Vamwolf is turned into his Pure-Blood Lycan form, with all the power and energy from the world and skies transfering into his body. As the pressure still goes on, Angelo asks what's going on and asks Vamwolf what is he. Vamwolf, slightly raising his head, says in tears that HE is his friend, and all the massive power and energy is now within him, causing a deep ground impact on his location. Vamwolf now says that that is why he'll never give him up to Garvanzal. Angelo asks in surprise and confusion of why he would go this far for HIM, of all people. And Vamwolf says that because for him, for him and Rose Milavade, he is like the second family he never had, and Angelo is speechless from his. And Vamwolf says that it is the reason why only HE has to stop him, here and now. Angelo takes a moment of silence and now says "Well, if that's how it is...I'm BREAKING the BOND!!!", and his body begins to pulse greatly, and he begins to transform into his Hell-Vampire form. As he finally transforms, he appears as a large dark humanoid bat that stands slightly taller from Vamwolf's Pure-Blood form. Being well-bulit and muscular. Along with big dark wings. Gray messy hair. White claws on his fingers and toes. A long tail. Red crimson fiery eyes. And finally, his sythce is turned dark with a larger blade to it. Vamwolf says his name in shock and concern, with Angelo finally saying "Come! Vamwolf!!!", and they begin their last battle.

As the fight clears, the combatants are both out of breath. But despite this, Angelo gets up, and Vamwolf does the same. With very little power they have left, Angelo now declares that it's time to put an end to this battle, as they both look back on their memories of them together. Along with Rose, Hatsuharu, Albert, Amy, and Vamwolf's family. And as the memories fade to light, Angelo nows says "...To all our battles!!!", and his eyes turn to bloody murderous intent, and charges his Darkness Lightning Rose. And Vamwolf now charges his own attack, his Pure-Blood Rasengan. As they prepare to strike, they simultaneously lunge at each other and yells out to each other "VAMWOLF!!!!!", and "ANGELO!!!!!". With that, they clash at eachother with their attacks and it causes a massive sphere of energized crossroads, nearly destroying the battlefields. As the light brightens within the sphere, Vamwolf and Angelo are seen from childhood, making a handshake promise. As the light clears, Vamwolf is seen on the ground and Angelo stands before him. Angelo tries to say something, but can't seem to do so. And at this time, he sees the bright light in the sky, and it shines on Vamwolf's Birthmark, and fades. Angelo is now gone from sight, and Hatsuharu finds Vamwolf on the ground and unconscious, while expressing his regret for getting there too late. Hatsuharu then kneels down and places his hand on Vamwolf's head. He says to an unconscious Vamwolf that he couldn't make it in time, and asks Vamwolf to forgive him. But he knows that Vamwolf tried and fought with all his heart to stop Angelo. As he takes a quiet moment, Hatsuharu stands up and says Angelo's name in silence, as he looks to where he left to the mountains.

Once Vamwolf was out of the hospital, The Dark One soon appears before him on the hospital roof. After what's happened, The Dark One says that Vamwolf wasn't able to bring Angelo back. But Vamwolf says that he'll bring Angelo back someday, and that's a promise. And with that, Vamwolf even asks The Dark One to help him in training. The Dark One says that training is certainly one thing he can do, but first he tells Vamwolf to understand something. Vamwolf wonders what it is, and The Dark One says that he needs to forget about Angelo all together. Vamwolf reacts to this uncomfortably, and The Dark One continues on saying that Angelo went to Garvanzal of his own free will. No matter what Vamwolf will do, he's never going to change, because trying to get him back, it's a fool's errand. Vamwolf yells to him that Angelo might not mean anything to him [The Dark One], but he does to him. Because he's his friend. But The Dark One reminds him that does a FRIEND hurt his comrades, and Vamwolf gets upset and stays silent from this. The Dark One says that this was bound to happen sooner or later. Just like how it did for Dracula. He says to Vamwolf that he mustn't torture himself, and to just let it go. He tells him that a king has to depend on his mind. And that Strength, Swordmanship, Kung Fu, Magic, Jutsu, Science and Alchemy are not enough. To survive in both worlds, Vamwolf has to exercise wisdom. And that if he insist on going through life like a fool, he's gonna have a tough time. Vamwolf now says that he understands. The Dark One asks if he's sure. Vamwolf says yes, and if that is what wisdom takes, then he'd rather be a fool for life. The Dark One ponders from this, and Vamwolf says to him that he'll come up with new abilities and will bring Angelo on his own. The Dark One gives a smirking chuckle and says to Vamwolf that if he really is commited to being a complete and total fool, then it just might work. With that done, he then tells Vamwolf to get ready to train. With that, Vamwolf is happy to hear this and says thanks to him. Giving a solute to The Dark One.





The Last Redemption ArcEdit

The Final Conflict ArcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Vamwolf (New)

Vamwolf's new found strength.

Due to being a Werewolf and a Vampire Lycan, Vamwolf is quite known to surpass both his species. He is even capable of going against the most cunning and deadly opponents that are known to be legendary of all time, even against the entire Legendary Progenitor Group. After his final training agaist The Dark One before fighting Thomas one last time, Vamwolf has gained the power to surpass all those he fought, and those who are aiding him in the final fight. He has the following abilities:

  • Vast Strength: Vamwolf is able to lift a car without much effort, lift a 5-10 ton boulder with one hand, and can break through walls with his fists/talons. He can even cause much impact on the ground with one strike of his feet.
  • Vast Speed: Vamwolf is capable of running at high speeds, as some people compare his speed to that of a dozen motorcycles together, and can go for a full 50 laps around Artemis.
  • Vast Endurance: Vamwolf's body can withstand a bullet that can only leave a very small scratch, and can handle a sword's blade with only a small cut in place.
  • Vast Durability:
  • Vast Reflexes:
  • Vast Flexibility:
  • Vast Agility:
  • Vast Stamina:
  • Vast Vision:
    • Night Vision: Vamwolf is capable of being able to see in the dark, and can know where an enemy may be hiding from within the shadows.
  • Vast Keen Senses:
  • Vastly Excellent Intellegence & Athleticism:
  • Vast Magical Power:
    • Strong Magical Blast:
    • Strong Magical Barrier:
    • Spiritual Awareness:
    • Flight & Levitation: When relying on his Magical prowess, Vamwolf is capable of flight and going at high-speed, and can stand on air, water, etc.
  • Vast Pheromone Level: Due to the mixture of being a werewolf and a vampire, Vamwolf has a pheromone ability to attract the opposite sex.
  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Due to his training with his father, Vamwolf is capable of taking on high level swordsmen, and knows various techniques to use against enemies.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:
    • Sokotsu:
    • 1,000 Strikes:
    • Wolf Fang Attack:
  • Master Marksmanship Specialist:
  • Master Strategist & Tactition:
  • Master Alchemist:
  • Master Magician:
  • Master Multilingual: Apparently, after his training with The Dark One, Vamwolf was able to understand and speak many languages in a matter of months. He is capable of speaking spanish, french, italian, german, vietnamese, japanese, chinese and more. Tian finds this surprising and even congratulates his son for learning something like that in only a few months from training.
  • Elemental Manipulation:
  • Animal Communication: Vamwolf can speak to animals at a very perfect scale.
  • Crimson Claws:
  • Crimson Blades:
  • Immense Healing Factor:
  • Flight & Levitation:


Vamwolf Voderick (Pure-Vampire)

Vamwolf, as a Pure-Blood Vampire.

Whenever Vamwolf is on the day and night of the New Moon, he becomes a Pure-Blood Vampire permanently until the New Moon is gone. He has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength: Vamwolf is capable of lifting a large rock formation with both his hands, and can lift 10-20 tons a time.
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enhanced Magical Power:
  • Enhanced Senses:


Vamwolf Voderick (Pure-Werewolf)

Vamwolf's Pure-Werewolf form.

Whenever Vamwolf is on the day and night of the Full Moon, he becomes a Pure-Blood Werewolf permanently until the Full Moon is gone. He has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Enhanced Magical Power:
  • Enhanced Senses:

Pure-Blood Lycan FormEdit

Vamwolf (Full)

Vamwolf's Full-Blood form.

When Vamwolf was 5-years-old, he learned to tranform into a form that is of Pure-Blood Alpha Werewolf, and of Pure-Blood Royal Vampire put together. He has fangs that stick out from his upper lips. Crimson burning eyes. And big black and red bat-like wings. He has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Vision:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Elemental Manipulation:
  • Energy Barriers:
  • Flight & Levitation:

Shining Moon FormEdit

Bloodlust FormEdit

Shadow Phantom FormEdit

All-Elemental FormEdit

Darkness Warrior FormEdit

Crimson Magician FormEdit

Twilight Gunslinger FormEdit

Healing Luna FormEdit

Celestial Titan FormEdit

Dark Ultima FormEdit

Ultimate AttacksEdit

Weapons & EquipmentsEdit

Voderick, Vamwolf 1

Vamwolf, wielding his sword.

Vamwolf inherited this sword by his father, and it was made for him as a weapon to defend his friends and loved ones. Vamwolf holds on to this sword as a friend, and even refers to it as "Him", implying to be The Dark One. Voderick Sword:

  • Moon Fang:
    • Inferno Moon Fang:
    • Shining Moon Fang:
    • Moon Fang Darkness:
  • Rick Amulet:

The Philosopher's Stone:

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Family & RelativesEdit


Main Title: Vamwolf's Relationships

Tian VoderickEdit

Selene VoderickEdit

Laura VoderickEdit

Vamwolf's relationship with his younger sister is plainly a typical sibling relationship. Laura, being a polar opposite to Vanessa's personality, is far more mature and serious, but very caring and devoted to her family and friends. She often treats her oldest brother like a kid, as his kind nature and calm personality makes him easy to get along with and tease him for his werewolf flaws. Vamwolf mainly sees her like a family member that acts like she keeps the house together and makes sure that everyone behaves properly. Aside from this and that, Vamwolf cares for her, and Laura deeply looks up to him like a hero. On various occasions, since Laura is more mature and willing to help, she provides Vamwolf with enough info and assistance on his missions and training exercises.

Vanessa VoderickEdit

Vamwolf's relationship with his youngest sister is a very strong one, as Vanessa deeply cares for him, and even provides him her blood when he needs to maintain his health. Vamwolf truly loves his sister, and would always be there to protect her. This sibling love had started from the time that Vanessa and Laura were almost kidnapped at the age of 3, and Vamwolf was able to save them. Ever since then, Vanessa cherished and comforted her brother, and Vamwolf felt happy and at peace for saving her. Although, at times, Vamwolf had wished that Vanessa could feed on his own blood, as she let him do so to her for all their years. Vamwolf is even aware that his sister is clearly in love with him, as it is common knowledge that vampires of pure-blood royals would marry their own relatives to maintain their lineage. After everything is finally settled, Vamwolf then married Vanessa and the two had a son.

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The Dark OneEdit

"What's up, Darky?"

Vamwolf is supposedly on friendly terms with The Dark One, and even calls him "Darky" for a nickname. They treat each other casually like teacher and student, though Vamwolf feels that he's more like a relative of some sorts. The Dark One sees Vamwolf as a hero that will protect his friends from all dangers that follow, and he even helps him in any situation that goes. Though Vamwolf never asked for his help, The Dark One would interfere to save him, showing that he cares for Vamwolf as his own family. The Dark One is also the one responsible for making Vamwolf as the rightful King of Our World, as his influence is what made everyone stronger, and to never give up hope.

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  • (to Amari) "Always stay true to your heart!"
  • (to Krato) "She's very dear to me. I'll save her on my own."
  • (to William) "You're mine, William!!!"
  • (to Thomas) "Go back to the pit you came from, Tom!"